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Blue Bridge visual identity


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Blue Bridge has been providing complex IT services and solutions for large businesses and organizations for almost 30 years. It has been a decade since they changed their branding, and we were entrusted to update their visual identity and visually communicate the company’s values. Inspired by their slogan ‘More than technology,’ we chose an innovative and futuristic style, integrating 3D technologies. The visual language we created captures the essence of the brand’s values: speed, simplicity, and security. Firstly, we came up with the philosophy of FLOW – overcoming all obstacles smoothly and finding the ideal solution for each situation, both internally within the company and with customers. Then, using 3D, it was transformed into the main graphic element, organically changing form to represent constant change. This abstract form leads the design language and is used in all visuals, both in print and digital. Through this sleek evolution, Blue Bridge’s new visual identity builds trust and positions the brand as a reliable partner in the ever-changing digital world.