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Small Christmas


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During Christmas, people still tend to lose themselves in consumerism and overbuying. This craziness especially feels when Lithuanians prepare for Christmas dinners. For majority it’s almost a tradition to have food overloaded table and they don’t plan ahead to have “just enough”. A survey shows that 60% of people admit they prepare too much food and later throw it away. What goes wasted could be turned into meals for thousands of poorer families.

To attract attention to this big problem, together with MAISTO BANKAS we decided to make Christmas… small. For the campaign we reduced everything – from Christmas dishes to billboards. When cities competed for the most impressive Christmas tree, our idea was the smallest city Christmas tree in the Town Hall Square. Our campaign appeared in the biggest TV channels and media portals, raised a discussion in talk shows and reached thousands of people in social media.

By bringing up the importance of responsible meal planning, we encouraged them to save food, money and planet. Less wasting – more Christmas for everyone!